...some measures for living
performed by George Pope, flute and Eric Charnofsky, piano has been release on their disc Some Measures for Living on Crystal Records. Other composers featured on the disc include Nikola Ressanovic, Carl Riley, Ron Newman, Nancy Daley, Eric Charnofsky and Joseph Makholm.
posted - 2019-05-02

entelechron | The Folk Tune Project disc released on Roven Records
New works for piano trio (and the tunes that inspired them) by Juhi Bansal, Robert Carl, Daron Hagen, Katarina Leyman, Gilda Lyons, Jorge Martin, Frank J. Oteri, Glen Roven and Dan Sonenberg - performed by Roger Zahab - violin, David Russell - cello, Robert Frankenberry - piano, Gilda Lyons and Elaine Valby - voice.
posted - 2018-08-06

suspicion of nakedness on returning to heights unseen - a new album by Lindsey Goodman
Lindsey Goodman presents world premiere recordings of music for solo flute and electroacoustics by American composers Roger Dannenberg, Linda Kernohan, Elainie Lillios, Judith Shatin, David Stock, Randall Woolf, Roger Zahab, and Tony Zilincik. Navona Records
posted - 2018-08-06

Roger Zahab: tapping points for snare drum
Roger\'s solo for snare drum has been published as part of The Noble Snare collection of compositions for unaccompanied snare drum, volume 4. Other composers include Eugene Novotney, Ralph Shapey, Christopher Burns, Gustavo Aguilar, Salvatore Martirano, John Welsh, Robert Ashley, William Ortiz and Pauline Oliveros.
Smith Publications, 54 Lent Road, Sharon, Vermont 05065
posted - 2014-04-11

entelechron: time + memory is now available
posted - 2012-05-17